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Kamanchi Sly’s Guide to becoming the world’s Greatest Hip Hop Emcee..Part 1

how to emcee

In 2012 most people who pick up the microphone and claim to want to be an Emcee either imitate Jay Z, Eminem or Lil Wayne. This is ridiculous because these artists have carved out a niche for themselves with a style that they themselves have taken years to perfect. Hip Hop culture has a long tradition which goes back at over three decades with many great artists who have contributed to what we have today. To pick up the mic without knowledge of that rich history is in my opinion disrespectful. I truly believe any artist cannot be a true great without understanding and studying the origins of the culture and those who laid the foundations for the art of Emceeing.

The first lesson of any young artist wishing to be a true great is to study the most important documentary of the culture..Charlie Aherns..”WILDSTYLE”, this is in most people’s opinion the truest representation of the art of Emceeing which shows artists delivering their rhymes in block parties and out in the park long before the arrival of the CIA, MTV and the corporate record companies.

wildstyle dvd cover


My Hip Hop Beats Sp or not to Sp, that is the question..

Today I had a tough choice to make..I was enjoying listening to the classic Nautilus joint by Bob James on my Technics 1200 deck (or vinyl player as my young nephew calls it!) when i realised the track  just has too many dope samples in it..which part should i use???

I found a sick part to loop so I got all excited..but oh no!! What drum machine to hook up??? Damn do I go for the gritty raw sound of the SP1200 TO GIVE IT THAT CRUNCH?????

Naa!!!! Lets give it that sonic BOOM BAP!!!! Im gonna hook up the MPC 3000 and  get busy, we got an album to do “The Holy Grail” Peace!!! HIP HOP LIVES!!!!

Kamanchi Sly says “Respect to all the True Hip Hop Heads!!!”

its just begun

Its been a few days since the passing of one of  the architects of Hip Hop Culture, Mr Jimmy Castor whose legendary anthem “Its just begun” set off a sonic backdrop to what has  become one of the world most important artforms. Hip Hop in all its forms from B-Boyin’ to emceeing, scratchin’ grafitti and poppin’ has become a global phenomenon, spreading across all of the worlds continents, uplifting youth culture wherever it has been met with open arms.   I first got into Hip Hop as an eleven year old, comin’ from a tough part of south london, growing up on a council estate.  The music and the dancin’ took over the imagination of me and my mates who all either became breakers in crews, grafitti writers, emcees or beatboxers. Being poor and with little funds it enabled a generation of  kids from poor families to find a way to express themselves without the need for spending much money. It gave us and identity, it was who we were. My mum thought i was crazy the way i jerked by body to crazy electro beats by Afrika Bambaataa, wearing trainers with fat laces, and a pair of ski goggles around my neck. After every summer we would return to school with a whole lotta new moves, battling anybody who would dare to step into the ring in the “electro-room” at lunchtimes..entry was 15 pence!!