My Hip Hop Beats Sp or not to Sp, that is the question..

Today I had a tough choice to make..I was enjoying listening to the classic Nautilus joint by Bob James on my Technics 1200 deck (or vinyl player as my young nephew calls it!) when i realised the track  just has too many dope samples in it..which part should i use???

I found a sick part to loop so I got all excited..but oh no!! What drum machine to hook up??? Damn do I go for the gritty raw sound of the SP1200 TO GIVE IT THAT CRUNCH?????

Naa!!!! Lets give it that sonic BOOM BAP!!!! Im gonna hook up the MPC 3000 and  get busy, we got an album to do “The Holy Grail” Peace!!! HIP HOP LIVES!!!!


3 responses to “My Hip Hop Beats Sp or not to Sp, that is the question..

  1. Great post mate!


  2. What a dilemma! I’d say get those drums in the SP for the dirt, then re-sample into the MP for some warmth! Best of both worlds!

  3. Yes King! MPC for the swing, each and every day…..

    I’m part of a collective putting on a one off event called ‘The Cypher’ at a gallery in west London on Sunday 13th May. It’s an event/exhibition to celebrate the relationship between the MC and the DJ. We’d be honoured if you could attend. The event page that explains it all is below:

    Peace & Light

    Son Of Dan

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