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Kamanchi Sly’s Guide to becoming the world’s Greatest Hip Hop Emcee..Part 2

cant stop wont stop book cover

 Greatness as an Emcee can only come from a thorough analysis of the greatest Emcees in Hip Hop. In my opinion the greatest of the first generation were Grand Master Caz of the Cold Crush Brothers and Melle Mel from Grand Master Flash and the Furious Five. Listening to the” Wild Style” sound track will give you an insight into the lyrical prowess of Caz, for Mel it has to be one of the greatest social commentaries of all time on the inner cities ” The Message”. This record changed Hip Hop forever. 

 These brothers laid down the foundations of Emcee vocal cadence, tone delivery, intelligence, passion, style, bravery, flair, originality and creativity emulated by the Hip Hop World.