The Raw UK Drill Sessions vol 6 with UNKNOWN MC

Produced by Unknown Mc for New Money Productions
Mum you was always there
when i needed clothes on my back and food on the table
never had much but you worked 2 jobs and was willing and able
Went to catholic school i did it
hit the books so hard i rid
I kick the real yea brother i spit it
brother’s want to talk about sticks and stones
Now everybody just sounds like clones
So i draw up close to the mic
give that truth to the youth
you can be what you want to be
what your eyes can see if you only believe
a doctor lawyer with a college degree
Stormzys giving out scholarships
greatness we acknowledge it
they want to see us in a box or pen
feds want to move on all your friends
Its a blood bath in the endz
when does the madness end
lets kill them stereotypes
Low the hype live your life
they got the witness and ballistics
dont be another statistic

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