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Kamanchi Sly Releases UK Fresh Video-The  History of UK HipHop



Clyde Stubblefield “Funky Drummer” tribute by HipHop’s Kamanchi Sly

Clyde Stubblefield “Funky Drummer” tribute by Hip…:


Kamanchi Sly Releases new video “Britcore Nutta”

Kamanchi Sly Releases new video “Britcore Nutta” Smashes the UK HIPHOP SCENE AGAIN!!!!!!

watch the video here!!!

Hijack make a statement on the fake counterfeiter ‘Soops’


Dj Soops is a fake counterfeiter thrown out of Hijack over 20 years ago. Hes not a member of Hijack he’s been ripping them off ever since. launched and doing well! was launched just over two weeks ago and has recieved enormous support from the Hiphop community.  The site represents Kamanchi Sly’s vision of HipHop bboy culture.  It contains background to the history of KSly including his rise to the top of the music industry both underground and commercial. It has a ecommerce area where the new single ‘Incredible Mc’ can be purchased along with his clothing line consisting of self designed tshirts and hoodies. There is an area to watch the new video to ‘Incredible Mc’ produced by Archive Documents and a photograph page. Please have a look around the site and enjoy.

Kamanchi Sly to release new video ‘Incredible Mc’ on friday nov 28 2014 8pm

I will be launching the video here at 8pm for my new single ‘Incredible Mc’ directed by Archive Documents. .please leave your comments here…respect for your support. ..HipHopLives!

Kamanchi Sly’s new single ‘Incredible Mc’ available as a retro cassette.


Incredible Mc Kamanchi Sly’s new release is available as a retro cassette…Bang this in your Boombox!…Peace and massive respect to all of you who have been supporting us for the last few years, its been great to reconnect with the HipHop family. I am announcing the title of my new single it is called ‘INCREDIBLE MC’ as you may not be aware it is my first release in 10 years on my own imprint Catalyst Recordings….it is self produced, Mixed by Mr Simon Harris and the video has been produced by Archive Documents which includes Dj Devastate and Ray Subliminal….thank you for your continuing support….HIPHOPLIVES!

Emotional Rappers Part 2-New kamanchi Sly..stick it in your hardcore pipe and take a toke…

Part 2 to Emotional Rappers stick it in your hardcore pipe and smoke it!!!!! new shit from Kamanchi Sly the hardcore Emcee…

“LET THERE BE DRUMS”…2014 NEW Kamanchi Sly, r.i.p Mark Duggan

New Rhyme from Kamanchi Sly…Peace..R.I.P Mark Duggan