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Jan 2015: kamanchi Sly and Disorder on the suspects packages radio show..FRESH!!

ksly disorder 2

It felt good to hook up with my man Disorda on his Suspect Packages show fresh for 2015. This is a soldier who has represented UK Hip Hop for damn near 20 years! We spoke about the History of Uk Hip Hop, the flavas that have inspired us and the movement as a whole. To hear those Hijack classics and talk a little about the vibes in the UK in the 1980’s brought back to me a feel good factor. When I think of the level of skill and competion we had in those days I remember how much talent existed in the UK at that time.

Please take the time to listen to his show as it lays down the landscape for the UK scene in those early and creative days….Respect to all that support real HIPHOP..we are the architects..its time to tell our story to this NOW generation…PS be Original or we aint feelin ya!! come with your own mind style and flava!!!
Heres the Mix Cloud Link below…LISTEN HERE!!

disorder mixcloud graf link

21st Dec: Kamanchi Sly Dj Devastate and TufKut on the CrateFast Show itch.fm a Christmas 2014 special!

tufkut on itch opti


Sunday dec 21/14 was a cool day..i got to hook up with TufKut and Dj Devastate and have a little chat on itch.fm .We played some records spoke about the new single Incredible Mc shooting the video for the new single and future projects on Catalyst Recordings and Archive Documents. I haven’t been on the air for years but we had a bloody good time so big up to all the listeners!!! Shout out to itch.fm and all the supporters tuned in from Germany, Poland, New Zealand, Holland, Switzerland, Sweden, Australia the UK and Worldwide!!…shout out to the wife for telling me off!

Here is the link to the podcast…damn TufKut that was fast!!!!

cratefast ikon

kamanchisly.com launched and doing well!

kamanchisly.com was launched just over two weeks ago and has recieved enormous support from the Hiphop community.  The site represents Kamanchi Sly’s vision of HipHop bboy culture.  It contains background to the history of KSly including his rise to the top of the music industry both underground and commercial. It has a ecommerce area where the new single ‘Incredible Mc’ can be purchased along with his clothing line consisting of self designed tshirts and hoodies. There is an area to watch the new video to ‘Incredible Mc’ produced by Archive Documents and a photograph page. Please have a look around the site and enjoy.