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APRIL 2016: Hijack release the original recordings of the double album “The Original Horns Of Jericho”

hijack broadcast

Hijack have released a limited amount of copies of the double album “The Original Horns Of Jericho” mastered at Abbey Road Studios London England. These original copies from 1996 are sealed and only available from the official Hijack website: hijacktheterroristgroup.com


Hijack to release New Monster this Friday


Hijack to release New Monster this friday.

New Kamanchi Sly designs from the hardest working UK BBOY!

facebook baseball layout


Fly new designs…Hoodies and Tshirts….Grey, White and Black…PEACE!!

Kamanchi Sly launches HipHop assault on fakes and frauds with the site www.kamanchisly.com

Kamanchi Sly has decided enough is enough and has launched his offensive against the frauds in HipHop culture with the release of his website www.kamanchisly.com

Kamanchi Sly to release his first single in 10 years ‘INCREDIBLE MC’

Peace and massive respect to all of you who have been supporting us for the last few years, its been great to reconnect with the HipHop family. I am announcing the title of my new single it is called ‘INCREDIBLE MC’ as you may not be aware it is my first release in 10 years on my own imprint Catalyst Recordings….it is self produced, Mixed by Mr Simon Harris and the video has been produced by Archive Documents which includes Dj Devastate and Ray Subliminal….thank you for your continuing support….HIPHOPLIVES!

DJ Devastate and Ray to direct new Kamanchi Sly video


Im happy to announce that Dj Devastate from the Demon Boyz and Ray have directed my first video for my new release on Catalyst Recordings..Simon Harris the renowned Uk Hiphop engineer and producer will be mixing the track. Im sure you will enjoy the results. ..peace!

Emotional Rappers-2014 New Kamanchi Sly hardcore resistance..

Some new fire from the UK underground monster Kamanchi Sly…Hip Hop Lives!

“LET THERE BE DRUMS”…2014 NEW Kamanchi Sly, r.i.p Mark Duggan

New Rhyme from Kamanchi Sly…Peace..R.I.P Mark Duggan

Watch “Kamanchi Sly building a Dope HipHop beat.” on YouTube


New Kamanchi Sly 2013 clip from The Holy Grail album

2013 Fresh clip from Kamanchi Sly’s forth coming Hip Hop album The Holy Grail